Promoting Safe and Inclusive Workplaces: A Play for Awareness on the POSH Act 2013

In an effort to raise awareness and promote safe work environments, the Goa Livelihoods Forum, in collaboration with the Goa Shipyard Ltd., recently organized an enlightening and impactful play centered around the “Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act, 2013.” This thought-provoking play, written and directed by the talented project manager Nikita Gupta, aimed to captivate hearts, ignite meaningful conversations, and foster a culture of respect and protection in the workplace.

Setting the Stage

On June 20, 2023, employees and participants gathered to witness the special awareness play, hosted by the Goa Livelihoods Forum. The Goa Shipyard Ltd., recognizing the importance of addressing workplace harassment, extended their support and involvement in this crucial initiative. By utilizing the power of theater as a medium, the organizers sought to convey the significance of the POSH Act 2013 and the steps required to prevent sexual harassment at work.

The Play’s Impact

Nikita Gupta’s script intricately weaved together real-life scenarios, relatable characters, and emotional storytelling to engage the audience. The play aimed to not only educate but also to evoke empathy and understanding towards the issue of sexual harassment. By showcasing the consequences and providing insights into preventive measures, the performance served as an infotainment program that left a lasting impact on the attendees.

The Stellar Cast

The success of any play lies in the talent and dedication of its cast members. The awareness play on the POSH Act 2013 boasted an exceptional ensemble of actors, including Nikita Gupta, Pritesh Patil, Akansha Naik, Sanjana Madkaikar, Prajakta Harmalkar, Divyesh Bhonsle, and Rajaram Mallik. Through their remarkable performances, they brought the characters to life, leaving the audience both moved and enlightened.

Raising Awareness and Promoting Empowerment

The Goa Livelihoods Forum, in partnership with the Goa Shipyard Ltd., is committed to fostering safe and inclusive work environments. By organizing events such as this awareness play, they aim to shed light on the importance of preventing sexual harassment and promoting a workplace culture where every individual feels respected and protected. Through their efforts, they hope to empower employees to speak up, encourage bystander intervention, and work towards eradicating workplace harassment.

The awareness play on the POSH Act 2013 presented by the Goa Livelihoods Forum and the Goa Shipyard Ltd. served as a powerful tool to raise awareness, educate, and promote safe and inclusive work environments. With Nikita Gupta’s vision and the exceptional performances of the talented cast, this thought-provoking play created a lasting impact on its audience. By standing united against sexual harassment, fostering a culture of respect, and implementing preventive measures, we can strive towards creating workplaces where every individual feels empowered, respected, and protected. Let us join hands in building a future where everyone can thrive without the fear of harassment.

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